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Dr. Sudheer Kumar Aluru

Academic Coordinator

Qualification: MSc, PhD, B.Ed.
Experience: 14 yrs of teaching


We have been busy creating social structures which are tangling up the processes of existence. The cult of teaching has taken over the joy of learning, fading away the enthusiasm of a child who discovered a new colour by mixing up two primary colours or a child who grew a few saplings out of mustard seeds from his lunch box. Experiential learning drives children to think out of the box, and to flourish. Educationalists should take up the responsibility of gifting back a child with the scope of looking at things with utmost freshness and be socioculturally nurtured to be able to express without the fear of consequence. 

We at Discoveri Oaks believe in holistic learning where education is not about loading a child’s mind with data but to have hands-on experience of various life skills ranging from Farming to Artificial Intelligence. 

Education is all about experience, be it inside the four walls or outside it. Empowering children with the ability to explore shall open up access to unlimited horizons of inclusive humanitarian life.

“Education Is Intended To Milk Your Inquiringness” Not Wane Or Sate It.”

Dr. Sudheer Aluru, is a renowned scientist who worked with cultural setups deliberating on human brains and their social behaviour. He is two time awardee of “Young Scientist” for his notable contributions to the field of Science with over 14 prominent publications. 

He comes with substantial teaching experience at various levels of education ranging from Schooling to University, with reputed institutions such as IIT Goa, Madras, Jodhpur, VIT vellore and goes the list. 

Apart from teaching, he worked as Curriculum and Instructional designer for e-Learning platforms such as 360 learning, SimplyLearnt, Playablo, Vedantu & Tutor vista and is competent with cognitive learning patterns with deductive and inductive approaches to teaching. 

Dr. Sudheer is also a certified genetic and family counsellor with expertise in handling young minds. He is a man of Science and believes in balanced education – the one which equips life skills into a child’s education. He is very fond of inculcating Moral Mythology, farming, microbiology, food technology, environmental responsibility, Marketing and digital art as life skills at schooling as certified vocational courses.

He strongly believes the words of Albert Einstein
Education is not learning of facts, but the training of the Mind to think.”

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