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Teaching and learning at Discoveri Oaks School is a rich and rewarding experience as we are innovative and adapt to the changes and challenges. Our teachers are enthusiastic learners and are open to facing any and every challenge that comes their way. They are constant and eager learners and are committed and driven to the students’ overall development and learning process.

We have a diverse student body with different cultural backgrounds. As a result we are aware of and sensitive to the cultural differences to ensure that all students feel included and respected.

We provide a large, rigorous and extensive Language Development Program to overcome language barriers so that students are able to communicate their ideas with fluency. At the same time our Language Development Program [LDP] helps students to hone their speaking skills and put them ahead of their peers.

Math Skill Development Program [MSDP]

As a technology-driven school we prioritize the integration of technology into all aspects of learning and teaching. Our students have access to the latest technologies including computer labs, robotics classes, smart boards, education software, digital textbooks and interactive learning modules. Our students and teachers have easy access to these technologies as technology fosters a culture of collaboration and encourages students to work together on projects and assignments. 

Since we provide a broad and varied curriculum it is ensured that our teachers are familiar with the curriculum as we provide educational and fruitful training sessions, workshops and seminars in cultural competence, language teaching and international-mindedness so that they adapt and meet the needs of the 21st Century learners.

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Nursery to Grade 10th