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The aim of Early Years education is to provide a strong foundation for all-around development and lifelong learning. 

The Early Years Programme offers a play-way approach focusing on the holistic development of every learner. Early Years gives learners a solid foundation as they start their educational journey. It is designed to meet the needs of young learners in India, and is based on international best practice from around the world.

The curriculum provides a comprehensive set of learning statements that gives a structure for teaching and learning in stages designed to promote progression in learning from Early Years 1 to Early Years 2 and later into primary education. It allows the development of knowledge, understanding and skills through a spiral approach.

The programme is built on the five key principles: Experience, Active, Balance, Play and Transition.

The content is divided into six curriculum areas:

  1. Communication, language & literacy
  2. Creative expression
  3. Mathematics
  4. Personal, social & emotional development
  5. Physical development
  6. Understanding the world
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Nursery to Grade 10th